Music Room

Photograph of the music room.

The Music Room is a therapeutic and recreational room that is a happy, creative, relaxed and accepting environment.  The goal is to promote independence, expression,  freedom to explore with emphasis on the joy of making music! Together with a group, or alone.  The room currently features approx. 10 different pieces of equipment:

OptiMusic (Click here to see): Optimusic is a computerized system comprised of interactive light beams. Playing music is done by breaking the light beams with slight movements. Each movement within a light beam creates a musical sound or visual reaction. Only a slight minimal movement is needed for its activation. The system empowers people to make choices about the sounds they hear and influence the sights that surround them. It opens up a whole world of sensory exploration which is truly liberating for every age and ability

Sensory Magic: Touch screen interactive panel lets you create image, sound, and color-coordinated themes for learning, therapy, relaxation, and more. Sensory Magic hardware and software control every Snoezelen WiFi device in your Multi-Sensory Environment, such as bubble tubes, projectors, fiber optics, and interactive panels. The easy to use interface allows you to select or design dynamic themes with multiple combinations of colors, sounds, images, videos, aromas, and visual effects. Sensory Magic includes: Sensory Magic software, touch screen computer, LCD projector, speakers, iPod/MP3 player dock, DVD player and WiFi components.

Bubble Tubes: Illuminated bubbles rise slowly inside vertical chambers of optically clear acrylic, promoting relaxation. Interchangeable neon-fluorescent color strips highlight a prism spectrum of color throughout each chamber.  Balls, and fish, adding extra visual stimulation and tracking practice. Visual, Sound, Interactive.

Sound Shell Chair (Click here to see) : Soft cushioned chair that incorporates music and vibration.  You can listen to your favorite CD, watch a movie, in surround sound.  The shape and construction of the sound shell make it perfect for both sound and isolation and excellent acoustics.  The chamber like shape cancels out most outside noise, providing a unique environment for meditation, relaxation and just getting away from it all.  Also with speakers and a tactile transducer, this provides sound vibration and enhanced bass.  Movement, Sound.     

Tactile Panel (Click here to see): A collage of interesting textures to explore. Each panel is individually create. Sound, tactile, visual, interactive.

Wall Washers: Project light onto the floor and can be changed and become interactive with other pieces in the room. Visual, interactive.

Sound Beam 5 (Click here to see): Soundbeam converts physical movements into sound and music! Includes, Soundbeam 5 Controller. 2 beams and stands, switchbox, speakers and microphone.
This contact-free musical instrument features:

• USB enabled—receive upgrades, sounds, and compositions via email for downloading. Post compositions and performances on the internet.
• Memory card access to unlimited instruments, sound effects, and rhythm loops
• Internal amplifier, equalizer, and mixer
• Solid accuracy in playing melody and harmonic progressions
• Ability to record an entire session
Sound, movement, interactive, tactile.

Sound Responsive Ladder Panel (Click here to see): Making and vocalizing sounds are encouraged by delightful colourful display.  The louder the sound the higher the ladder illuminates.  Can be used with microphone.  Visual, interactive.

Gesture Tek Cube (Click here to see) : Interactive display to thrill the senses.  Creates a 64” x 48”  interactive display on the floor or wall with entertaining games, and special effects that are gesture controlled. Visual, interactive, sound.

Speakers (Click here to see) : As well as a raised floor, which contains speakers underneath, so you can feel vibrations on your feet, or wheelchair etc. 

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