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The concept of Snoezelen was defined in the late 1970's.  It was later named Snoezelen.  The word "Snoezelen" is a contraction of the Dutch verbs "snuffelen" (to seek out or explore) and "doezelen" (to relax).

Two Dutch Therapists, while working in an institute, saw the positive responses a colleague was able to prompt from his clients while exposed to a sensory environment he had assembled.  They experimented with a few poles, holding up sheets, added musical instruments, different scents, and soft noise from a fan blowing, and again had pure success.  The idea of a non-directive approach was central to their original philosophy of Snoezelen. The two therapists reasoned that they could see their clients as they really were, free to make their own choices. If their clients entered the room 'blank,' every possibility would be open for them.  Most rooms are started with a clean, blank, white surface.  Add lights, sounds, smells, and textures and Snoeozelen is born!

Snoezelen can be used to stimulate, relax, calm, or energize. It can be staged to provide a multi-sensory experience or single sensory focus, simply by adapting the lighting, atmosphere, sounds, and textures to the specific needs of the client at the time of use.

Snoezelen is intended to be a relaxed, safe, positive fully open environment to whatever the person may desire.  They are given all control in the room and can choose the outcome of the session.  Each consumer will benefit from this room in different ways.  It is up to you as their support staff to find what that is.  Sessions can range in time length depending on the consumer and their experience. 

Our room features approximately 16 different pieces of equipment.   

Massage Mat: Delivers waves of relaxing massage to all areas of the body! This mat features six built-in motors, and eight cycling massage functions. Specially designed to provide tapping, kneading and knocking massage movements. Mat rolls up for easy storage.

Love Bug: Soft and plush, the Love Bug with bright green antennae is made for cuddling. The best part is, she positively vibrates when you touch her! It’s true – the Love Bug offers tactile stimulation and gives off soothing, calming vibrations for proprioceptive input. So go ahead, hug the bug all you want!

Mirror Wall: Create an illusion larger than life! Wall mirror is ideal for enhancing the effects of Bubble Tubes or other light displays. Unbreakable, hard surface.

Fibre Optics Panel (Click here to see): Fibre Optics are used for visual and tactile stimulation.

Colour Changing Panel (Click here to see): Delight your client’s visual and auditory senses with bright red, green, blue, and yellow shapes. Builds visual tracking, eye/hand coordination, and cause/effect skills. Each time the user presses on one of the panel’s triangles or squares he is rewarded with a fun sound.

Black Lights: For dark rooms, black lights make everything brighter and stimulate the visual sense. White gloves or clothing, socks etc can be worn for added fun!

Bubble Tubes (Click here to see) : Illuminated bubbles rise slowly inside vertical chambers of optically clear acrylic, promoting relaxation. Interchangeable neon-fluorescent color strips highlight a prism spectrum of color throughout each chamber.  Balls, and fish, adding extra visual stimulation and tracking practice.

Beanbag Chair (Click here to see): Casual, relaxed seating and offers support and balance.

Leaf Chair (Click here to see): Comfortably fits a child or adult. Cradles the body and provides a gentle swinging motion to encourage relaxation. Covered in strong, washable, breathable vinyl.

Learning Chair: Seat depth approx. 15". Focus your clients by having them settle down in this soft vibroacoustic chair. Beanbag styling provides sink-in-the-center, mold-to-the-body comfort, while the back and armrests provide moderate support. For larger/heavier individuals. Incorporates 2 full-range vibroacoustic speakers: 1 in the chair back and 1 in the seat.

Solar Projector: Create a spectacular world of light and moving images. Transforms the area into a soothing, captivating panorama of images that glide across the walls or ceiling in a profusion of fascinating pictures and shapes. It is wonderful for visual stimulation as they help you to create changing atmospheres and different color sensations to suit your clients’ needs.

Tactile Panel: A collage of interesting textures to explore. Each panel is individually create.

Wall Washers: Project light onto the floor and can be changed and become interactive with other pieces in the room.

Laser Stars: Powerful green laser and holographic technology produces a super sharp spectacle of cloud formations, animated and shooting stars.

8 Colour Wirefree Controller: Wireless and wonderful large button switch that can turn WiFi products on and off, as well as changing their colour. 

Aromatherapy Panel (Click here to see): Activate smells, colours, sounds and breezes for aromatic, visual, and audible and tactile stimulation.  LED lights indicate which aroma is being diffused.

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