We are happy to announce the launch of our Children's Intervenor Services Program!

The Children’s Intervenor Services program is designed to assist children who are deafblind to be involved in their communities with the support of Intervenor services.

The funding is also intended to support family caregivers with training opportunities related to deafblindness as well as with the costs associated with assessment or consultation related to the condition of deafblindness. The program is also designed to assist with the costs that may be associated with the Intervenor.

The Key goals of the program are to:

1. Foster communication to support ongoing development, community participation and social activities.

2.Promote social inclusion through the support of an intervenor

3. Support families and caregivers with intervenor services so they can continue in a supportive role

4. Increase training opportunities for those supporting the individual with deafblindness

Children who are between 3 – 21 years of age and enrolled in an educational program are eligible for the program.

Application is now closed. Thank you for many applications.

Proceeds from fundraising like Nevada break-open tickets (BOT), CDBA Ontario annual golf tournaments and parent conferences help fund the proceeds for children's intervenor services.

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